I’ve got some ‘splainin’ to do.

“You don’t have to finish what you start. But start.”

~ Marty Rubin

So, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but this blog doesn’t really have a topic nor a real beginning nor anything concrete, really. Some might criticize me further for highlighting this flaw. So I thought I’d step in here and maybe explain a little bit about myself and the blog and such.

The reason I have this blog… no, wait. The reasons I have this blog are simple yet plenty. I need a creative outlet. Some sort of therapeutical valve. My head is way too full. And what better solution than to relieve it by writing? Furthermore, by writing this blog, I fulfill an important subject of my studies: getting to know the world of Social Media and the World Wide Web. I don’t mean that I have never used Social Media, but my relation with Social Media is a little …dysfunctional. You know, that “hate to love it, love to hate it” kind of thing. I am really skeptical towards all the downsides of the usage of Social Media, so I really hope SoMe and me, we will over the time somehow become friends, for I know that there are benefits galore.

There has been another blog before, some sort of test run, it now feels like. I tried to update on a regular basis, tried to find my own style, but then… I suddenly became a full-time musical producer/performer for over 1000 working hours and my creativity and motivation were completely sucked dry by this project. Returning to my blog after that, my old ailment kicked in again: perfectionism. I partly detested what I had done back there and I wanted a new start. The main problem with my old blog was the blog’s name itself – of course the only thing you cannot really change, if it is part of your link and everything. So I created this blog after giving it some deeper thought than when I started my old blog, just to satisfy my superego. I continued by making the promise to myself to not yet again be hypercritical with myself and rather have a lot of mediocre contents than non at all. So I took some of the old blog entries and posted them here as well, to somehow not have to start completely from scratch. They sort of are warmed up leftovers. Yum! And now I have to see, there is no real introduction, no real beginning. I don’t know if real beginnings belong to the chronicles of a blog, but they basically do belong to every proper story. That is why I wanted to write something here, even if it is just somewhere in between now, not really in the beginning.

I don’t know either, how much blog readers want to know about the writer. I don’t feel like I want to expose myself too much. I sort of enjoy the namelessness here, and I know I’m not the only one on the internet doing so. I feel that lot’s of my stories tell more about me than a simple descriptive text or my real name would do. So my advice for all the readers out there who want to know more about me: just keep reading! 😉

At the end, I should maybe apologize in advance: if you are not pleased with my blog, I am sorry to have wasted your time. But this whole blog – just as life – is an ongoing learning process. I try my best and then I try to improve myself.

Now I shall go and have dinner with my family. We are having yummy leftovers!


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