Making Up For The Days Lost

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”

~ Mother Teresa

I am sick, been sick for a few days now. Not that fierce kind of sick, just the obligatory autumn cold. You think August is a little early to fall sick with the autumn flu? Well, let me tell you that I already was witness to the first night frost here… Yep, you gotta love Finland! ❤ And I do. Very much. I’m jollily waving my imaginary miniature flag. But that was not supposed to be the topic of this text. Moving on…

While being unable to think of anything creative – thank you, fever! –  I was nonetheless reading other people’s blogs. Mostly blogs with a similar topic like mine: writing. And I saw: many of those authors are updating their blog daily. Kudos! I admire that. I really strive to be that kind of blogger, too. After all, writers like to write. And writers like to be read. And I am no exception.

I really enjoy writing according to the daily prompts offered by The Daily Post. I also like to read other author’s answers. It’s an awesome way to get inspired, get to read a lot of creations and maybe get read yourself. However, I have issues. Time issues. Sometimes I just don’t get the text done in time. I make up stories in my head basically all the time. It’s brining them to (virtual) paper that is neglected way too often. And it makes me wonder how other people manage to be so… well, prompt.

I could think of some excuses. I’ve been very busy learning for the UAS. After all, this blog is part of my studies. But that’s what it is – only one part of many. I have to do other things, too. Law courses. Business courses. Accounting courses. All kinds of stuff that hopefully will make me an expert on the field of Music and Media Management.

Sometimes I catch a cold and spend my valuable time in bed. And instead of writing I think about fundamental questions like: why am I still freezing even though I took a hot-water bottle to bed with me? Why is at least one side of my nose always clogged? Why can’t I fall asleep even though I am dog-tired? When is this blasted painkiller going to kick in? And how long must I wait until I can take the next pill?

Then there is the husband and the son. Not to forget the dog. Sometimes we even are social enough to meet friends or other family members. All those people who are near and dear to me that I want to spend time with… and vice versa. I don’t want to make the common mistake of living a more virtual than an actual life. After all, if you don’t have a life in the real world, what are you going to write about?

Betimes, I write a text just to trash it. Perfectionism, self-doubt… they are common to many creative minds, I guess. But it’s the vulnerability when giving away a part of yourself to strangers that troubles me the most. I think I should be a little bit more open-minded, and trust in others to be open-minded, too.

And maybe you are already seeing what I’m doing here? Yeah, it’s pretty obvious, I try to cheat a little with the prompts… Not sure if it works, though… And please don’t get mad at me. I just want to make up for the days lost. Don’t we all want to do that sometimes?

Well, it’s been nice communicating with the world while knowing that I didn’t endanger anyone to become infected with my cold. At least that’s an asset of the virtual life.



3 thoughts on “Making Up For The Days Lost

  1. Theo Herbots says:

    Very informative, I look forward to reading more.

    Sorry if errors are written in this reaction, my English is “NOT YET” perfect.

    I would appreciate it if you also once would visit my new blog and there is also “your” opinion would give even negative comments are welcome, because I have yet to learn a lot and often is it that you from negative comments more than learn from positive.

    In any case, thank you for your attention

    Have a nice day

    Theo Herbots.

    Here is the link to the post where I (to be involved, all comments and likes together in one post) prefer to receive comments and responses


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