Hello dimness, my new friend

I am in bed. I really would like to sleep. It’s after midnight and the alarm will ring in six hours. I am that kind of person who needs a lot of sleep to feel fresh in the morning. I also need a lot of time to fall asleep. Furthermore, I require perfect silence, which is why the poor husband has to snore downstairs on the couch every night. On top of this, I need complete darkness. Therefore, we bought light-tight curtains. But the bright Finnish summer nights are over now, so theoretically the nights should be very dark all by themselves. Well, they were…

Until that very, very calamitous day, when the son announced: “I’m scared in the dark! I want to have a night light!”

So we went and bought a night light. A LED night light. A super bright LED night light. That from now on we have to plug in every night. (Why again do they make night lights so super bright?)

I can hear the husband snore through the ceiling. And the light shines bright enough to read. But always when I am sure the son is fast asleep and I go to turn off the light, he wakes up again and starts crying. So the light stays on.

I really want to sleep, but all I do is toss and turn. Meh. Being sleepless gives me time to come up with a plan. What if I gradually reduce the brightness, so the son might not wake up from the sudden change in lightning conditions ? I might achieve a dimness dark enough for me to sleep. This propitious opportunity motivates me enough to take action.

I crawl out of bed. The son, still asleep, becomes restless. Careful now! One millimeter at a time. First foot out of bed. Shifting the weight. The old wooden floor complains boisterous. The son reacts. A moment of tenseness.


I continue my way to the night light, my bitter enemy. No wonder Lucifer – the light-bearer – is associated with hell. Alright. Second foot out of bed. I try to only step on the bedside rug, muffling my steps. I hunker down. There it is: the curst evil source of illumination. And now? The shelf next to me is only holding books. What the hell am I supposed to do with them? Books! My head is overtired. Seems like this state of mind is triggering my usually non-existing engineering skills. Without even thinking about it, I have created a shade out of three books: a thick closed book as base, on top of that a tall book 90° opened with the opening facing the night light, and on top of that a thin closed book as a roof. I look at my creation. Primitive pride suffuses me. I shall name it: the artificial eclipse of the merciless light-emitting diode.

I retire back to bed. Dimness enwraps me. The adventure got me in a complete tizzy, so I try to sing myself to sleep:

“Hello dimness, my new friend,
I have created you to mend,
because a LED brightly burning,
lightens all while I’m tossing and turning
And the books that were planted as a shade … are an aid
All hail the artificial eclipse of the merciless light-emitting diode!”

Good night everybody! 🙂


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