Piece of cake!

I’m wearin’
Fur pyjamas

I’m in bed once more. The last few nights were… unsatisfying. Even though I slowly adapt to sleeping in dimness.

The sleep deficit has several effects:

  1. I am constantly tired and therefore pretty edgy
  2. I am slow and inattentive which basically results in work not being done
  3. At daytime, when there should be ideas in my head, there is only a little voice singing the same song over and over again
  4. At nighttime, when there should be silence, there is only a little voice singing the same song over and over again

I ride a
Hot Potata’
It’s tickling my fancy

It’s past midnight again and I really wish for my head to shut its cake hole and let me sleep.

Speak up, I can’t hear you

I said: Please zip it! I’m trying to sleep here!

Here on this mountaintop oh oh oh

No, here in my warm, comfortable bed.

I got some wild, wild life

Seriously? I think our life is pretty ordinary…

I got some news to tell ya oh oh
About some wild, wild life

I can’t think of anything you know that I don’t know myself… after all, you are just a singing voice in my head!

Here come the doctor in charge oh oh oh

I slowly start to believe, that would not be such a bad idea, to see a doctor. But what to tell them?

She’s got some wild, wild life

No, no. Not exactly what I think my problem is. Lately, I feel rather boring. Like, there’s not much happening in my life.

Ain’t that the way you like it oh oh

Well, basically, yes. Usually, it’s very relaxing. But recently I feel the urge to do something. I just don’t know, what.

Living wild, wild life

Would you please stop it? “Wild” is not really what I’m looking for. Don’t you have anything else to offer? What is it exactly that you do up there in my head?

I wrestle, with your conscience

Uh-huh… and what do you suppose I should be doing?

You wrestle, with your partner

Haha! 😀 Yeah, that would be fun, but, you see, the husband is already snoring as if he was wrestling a bear. He has an early morning, I should let him sleep. Now, where is my glass of water?

Sittin’ on a window sill

Oh, yes, right. That’s where I put it. If you could now please tell the sandman to visit me!

But he spends his time behind closed doors

Well that’s just great!

Hey, are you gone?


Check out Mister Businessman oh oh oh
He bought some wild, wild life
On the way to the stock exchange oh oh oh
He got some wild, wild life
Break it up when he opens the door oh oh oh
He’s doin’ wild, wild life

You still won’t let me sleep, will you? So, is this supposed to be like a message from my subconscious? Do you want me to figure out what to do with my future? A career? “Business woman”?! “Stockbroker”?!

When people ask me what I study, I tell them: Music and Media Management.

When people ask me what I will be when I graduate, I usually shrug my shoulders and tell them: something… AWESOME!

But I never have thought about specifying it to “business woman”, nor anything else.

Then again, how would knowing the future affect me? Maybe I could sleep better… I like having concrete plans.

I know that’s the way you like it oh oh
Living wild, wild life

No, not the “wild life” -thing again! Rather the “well-layed-out life”. Oh dear, that sounds really pathetic! How do I ever get my mind to shut up again?

Peace of mind?
Piece of cake!
Thought control!
You get on board anytime you like

Thought control?! We don’t have to go “Nineteen eighty-four” all the way! Or “Equilibrium”… that would be a really scary thought, wouldn’t it?

Like sittin’ on pins and needles

Exactly! Think about it… all the freedom we would lose. You probably wouldn’t be allowed in my head any longer. Life as we know it couldn’t persist… what would happen then?

Things fall apart, it’s scientific

I think I don’t want to dwell on this dystopia… I’d rather like to start sleeping…

Sleeping on the interstate oh oh oh
Getting wild, wild life

All jesting aside… could you please, please go live in someone else’s head for a moment?! You know, I don’t mean to kick you out forever. You’re fun to be around from time to time. But for now, you could take a vacation. You know, move in a hotel or something.

Checkin’ in, checkin’ out! Uh, huh!
I got a wild, wild life

That’s the spirit! Have fun. See you around sometime. You have plans already?

Spending all of my money and time oh oh oh

You are a voice. You own no money… You seem a little confused.

Done too much wild, wild

Seems like.

Great, now I need to go to the bathroom.

We want to go, where we go, where we go oh oh oh


I doing wild, wild life

Going to the toilet isn’t exactly a wild thing to do. And you start being really repetitive!

I know it, that’s how we start oh oh oh

Got anything new for me?

Got some wild, wild life

Well, I’ve got some news for you: we haven’t slept yet and the sun is already rising!

Take a picture, here in the daylight oh oh

I will go crazy, soon. How do other people manage to sleep the sleep of the just?

They got some wild, wild life

You are so stubborn! Seems like you really cherish this kind of lifestyle… Oh, look, the son wakes up. What am I supposed to tell him?

You’ve grown so tall, you’ve grown so fast oh oh oh

Not really what I meant. I mean, how to explain to him that I am not sleeping…

“Hey dumpling. Why don’t you go back to sleep? It’s not yet time to stand up.”

“But you aren’t sleeping, either!”

“I would if I could, sweetie, it’s just my head is so…”

Wild, wild

“… busy…”

And I know that’s the way you like it oh, ho!

“But I will sleep soon, too!” I hope…

The son closes his eyes and promptly continues sleeping.

I stare at the ceiling.

The voice sings:

Living wild wild wild wild, life…


P.S. The song’s name that my head is singing to me is called “Wild Wild Life” and it’s a song from the Talking Heads (I am not sure if this is the official Talking Heads website, but it’s all I found… correct me, if you know any better 🙂 ). All lines written in italic are the lyrics to that song. I do not own them… as far as I am concerned the copyright goes something like this:

Written by David Byrne • Copyright © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc

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