Climbing the Family Tree

Son, climb with me

our family tree

the branches that grow wild and free

bear fruit of great diversity

and insight to our history.


Once we were aristocracy

thanks to the railway industry

and Wilhelm’s productivity

Franz Joseph gave nobility

a title we lost rapidly.


We fought wars of hostility



survived it all, though wearily,

traumatized primarily.


Then there was love and adultery,

forced marriage, redeemed liberty,

a life lived way too cursory,

cancer and radiotherapy,

surgery after surgery.


Laughter, care, prosperity,

a well-protected infancy,

a lot of creativity,

and musical ability,

the strive for authenticity.


Oh my son, I wish you see

me in you and you in me

united for eternity

by love, not just genetically

for that is what is family.


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