The Poo-Poo-Peep-Promotion

Today the son told me I was poo-poo. I obviously did something he disliked: after picking him up from daycare I went back upstairs to continue working. He yelled:”poo-poo mum” and then continued screaming downstairs. He often does this when he’s angry. Poo-poo is the only cuss the children at daycare are using. They say poo-poo or then they say “peep” when they would like to use a swearword, practically censoring themselves.

Of course, I could just discount this whole thing, ignore it. I realize that he does not really mean what he is saying. Usually, after his tantrums, he asks me: “Are we friends now again?” and then I say “Yes.” and we hug. We also do this after my tantrums, which luckily are less frequent than his, however, often provoked by them. But sometimes, a little voice keeps nagging me. Am I really poo-poo? Maybe not constantly, but sometimes? Could I be a better person? A better wife? A better mum?

Well, poo-poo, of course there’s always room for improvement, but after all, I am already pretty good! And I…

The son is screaming at his father downstairs. Says he wants to be with mummy. The husband says I won’t come down until the son calms down. Well, seems like I have to stay upstairs a little longer then.

The husband’s cooking dinner. It starts to smell really delicious up here. I’m really hungry and there is food in the kitchen, but the son just won’t cool it. So I have to stay…


Now it’s quiet. Maybe the coast is clear. Let’s see, when I go downstairs, maybe I’ll get promoted to “peep”. That would be a dream realized…



One thought on “The Poo-Poo-Peep-Promotion

  1. Megan Nance says:

    My youngest hasn’t called me “poo-poo” but she loves to yell “I Don’t Like You!” as she runs off to her room when I have gotten onto her. She is so dramatic its kinda funny, but like you, when she starts in, I’ll go off into my office till she calms down and makes friends with me again.

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