I have to move it, move it!

“Plans can break down. You cannot plan the future. Only presumptuous fools plan. The wise man steers.”

~ Terry Pratchett, Making Money

I sit down at my desk.

“And now… now we study hard!”, I tell myself.

But first, let’s check my mails… oh, look, a video… ‘How to conquer one’s weaker self – a business expert’s handy tips’… okay, let’s watch this…

“… and this is what really matters: a plan. Successful people have a plan. And not alone a plan, no – they also have a plan B, just in case. So, if you have a plan, you, too, can succeed.”, the expert explains.

Well, if this sort of knowledge makes you a business expert… then you, too, can be a freaking business expert.

You know, I have a plan. It goes something like this:

Someday, I will graduate.”

My motivational me clears it’s throat and says: “Someday this year, I will graduate.”

“Yeah, someday…”, says my dreamy me and stares out the window.

“Someday this year!”, screams my perfectionist me commanding.

“Someday, someday…”, says my leisure me and continues playing Final Fantasy.

This-fricking-year!”, yells my self-respect.

“Sure, someday…”, answers my procrastinating self and keeps sorting the husband’s CD-collection alphabetically.

“AHHHHHH!!!”, rages my logic and goes ape.

I watch my logic for a while, then I ask:

“You know my Plan B?”

All my inner selves suddenly pay attention.

“Someday next year, I will graduate.”, I declaim.


Some of my inner selves don’t care, most of them are disappointed.

Somehow I feel, applying the expert’s tip to a real-life scenario, only having a plan is not really the answer to everything. Having a good plan, however, may be a good start…

I think my plan is a good plan. At least Plan A… so this-fricking-year! it is

This decided, I should really work on my Learning Diary for the course “Strategic Music and Media Management”…

“Question 5.1 ‘What is “corporate strategy”?'”, I read.

“Go check the writings by M. Porter.”, says the now over-motivated motivated me.

Baby steps… baby steps…

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