My two (s)cents… yeah, it’s a wordplay

“Have you seen the 1000 musicians perform that Nirvana song?”

I’m skyping with my mum.

“I’m not so into Nirvana…”

“It was really spectacular.”, she continues.

“What song was it?”, I wonder, thinking about checking it out later on YouTube.

“This one… their most famous… err… oh yeah, Teenage Spirit.”

It takes me a while, then I can’t help but laugh.

“You mean Smells Like Teen Spirit?”, I ask.

We both have to laugh.

I love my mum.

I remember reading somewhere that Smells Like Teen Spirit was based on that incident when Kurt Cobain was asleep in some room and someone wrote on the walls of that room “Kurt smells like Teen Spirit” which was a deodorant back then, only Mr. Cobain didn’t know that and was strangely fascinated by that sentence. (There is probably a better version of that story in the Wild World Wide Web, if you are interested.)

So I started wondering about my own deodorant scents over the years…

It all started with the typical Vanilla scent. Everybody used it… everybody! In fact, everybody, including myself, overused it. To this day, I cannot stand the smell of it anymore.

Then, without giving it much thought, I just bought any kind of deodorant that interested me. Based on the bottle, or some commercial, or actually the scent, if I got to test it.

Next, there came the discussion if Aluminium in deodorant is bad for your health, so I started using natural products. For some time I smelled… well, like humans naturally smell, because your body needs some time to adjust to the ‘softer’ deodorants… or maybe, because they didn’t work properly.

“You smell like…”

I’m chauffeuring my brother-in-law.

“… wait, I get it soon…”

My mum got me this deodorant. She said it smells like caipirinha. We both love that drink. And the limes smell really nice.

“Ah, now I know. You smell like mosquito repellent.”, he finally says. “What is that smell?”

“It’s my deodorant…”, I say a little saddened.

“Maybe time to think about changing your deodorant.”, he says, smiles and winks.

Well, these days I have a really nice Hugo Boss deodorant that I use when there is a real necessity to smell nice. Otherwise, when hanging around at home in my pajamas, I still smell like mosquito repellent…


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