Sorry, we’re closed.

It’s a normal evening. The whole family sits around the dinner table. Nothing in particular had happened to either of us, so the husband and I exchange small talk about the news we had read today.

“… and they say that some volcanos in Iceland and Italy are about to erupt.”

“Yeah, I read something about that, too.”, I say.

The son, until now quietly eating his dinner, joins the conversation. Obviously, something he heard sparked a thought.

“When will we go to Iceland again?”, he asks.

“Not any time soon, I’m afraid.”, the husband answers.

“In Iceland, we had funny bracelets.”, the son states.

For a moment the husband and I don’t really know what the son means.

“Oh, you mean in the blue Lagoon. Those were… well, they worked like a key. This wristband… well, you could also pay with it. It was just like… err …”, I struggle to explain, but the son seems already content by seeing that I understood what bracelet he meant.

“Why can’t we go to Iceland any time soon?”, he wonders now, and in all seriousness he adds: “Like, is  it because it’s Sunday? Is Iceland closed on Sundays? When will Iceland open again?”

Yeah, Iceland is closed. For renovation. They will reopen soon. Please make sure to check out our other offers: Greenland, only 300 km further westwards! And: Ireland – ascertain how much difference a letter makes!



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