Always look on the bright side… (IBMC 7/10)


I remember being a child. My parents would watch the evening news at eight. I would sit there watching and listening, but comprehending little to nothing. I often understood the emotions present, though. Mostly, they were negative.

I remember asking my parents what “war” was. I remember feeling endlessly sad after receiving the answer.

Politics… they didn’t make sense.

Today, in my mid-twenties, I read news papers almost every day. Sometimes, several times a day. Digitalization… news spam in every hour, every second of the day. Globalization… things have changed. But the emotions haven’t. Most of the time, the news make me sad. They make me furious. They make me angry. They make me hopeless. They make me feel powerless, little, unnecessary… Why? Why does it have to be like this?

Politics… I now understand your vocabulary, but often, you still don’t make sense to me.

The days when I don’t get around reading the news, I feel happier, at ease. My worries are the only worries to worry about. My battles are the only battles to fight. (Gotta do laundry, gotta vacuum, gotta cook,… winnable challenges.)

So when the seventh challenge appeared to be about news paper articles, I paused for a moment.

No, I decided. I didn’t want to share with you some of those worrisome news they spread every day. You can go check them out for yourself. And if you are interested in and conscious of your surroundings, I’m sure you will.

I was looking for a webpage that was giving me what I needed. Uplifting news. Good news. I found this:

So instead of introducing you to a particular news paper article, I would wish for you to dwell on something positive today.

My smile for the day was provided by an article about friendship and birthday presents on an international level.

I mean, who wouldn’t want a mountain? I’d like to see the wrapping for this sort of present! 🙂



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