Happiness is (IBMC 10/10)

Happiness is… difficult to grasp. Powerful. Unable to be forced. Warm and fuzzy. Beautiful. It is fragile and graceful. The happy one is blessed. For happiness means being free from worries, free from grief, and free from pain. Happiness is loving and being loved in return. Happiness is peace and safety. Happiness is being accepted the way you truly are, being appreciated. When it is, it is – no ifs, no buts. It is a good meal, a full stomach. Happiness is clean water, unspoiled nature. It is having what you need. Happiness is in your smile. It is in music and drawings, it is in dance and in the written word. It is in inspiration. Happiness is between the sheets. Happiness is sharing memories and creating new ones. It is planning a common future. It is in a child’s laughter and in its marveling eyes. Happiness is when you hold me. When I hear your voice. Happiness is when you look at me with pride. It is my skin on your skin. Your scent on my pillow. Happiness is being healthy. Happiness is fearless. It can be found in unexpected places. Happiness is doing fun new things. Happiness is singing. It is sharing, spreading. It is honest and true. It is not adhered to rules – what it means to me, it might not mean to you.



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