How I met met my husband, part 2

So there I was. Holding a piece of paper in my hand. On my birthday. The best present in the whole wide world. My letter of acceptance to a Finnish University of Applied Sciences. I would move. This year. Away from home. Towards home.

I fumble for my phone, type a SMS towards Finland. An answer appears shortly after:

“We are celebrating here. Juhannus, but your success, too. Oh, and by the way… HE is forcing me to tell you ‘very warm greetings'”

I know whom she means. The guy who didn’t want to see me again, after a fun night out. Her boyfriend’s older brother.

His face appears before my inner eye. A sting in my guts…

“Tell him: ‘very warm greetings back’.”, I type.

Then I feel stupid. Why do I react like that? I shouldn’t. He did’t want to see me back then, so why would he communicate with me, now? Better forget about him.

Flash forward.

We sit in the train, no SMS needed anymore. She and I date back for some years now. But every time we are together, it never matters how much time we have NOT seen each other. All that matters is right now. That’s friendship, I guess.

Finnish nature is passing by the windows. I feel blessed to be here.

“You should meet him.”, she says out of nowhere.


“You should contact him, and you should meet him.”, she repeats.

It takes a few moments until I comprehend whom she means.

“And why should I do that?”

I have some pride, at least. Why would I want to crawl after someone who made it very clear he didn’t want to see me again.

“I tell you why! Because he’s driving me nuts! He is talking about you all the time, asking me questions non-stop, like, ‘When will she be here? Will she come to town? Do you bring her over?’ I’m sick and tired of being a speaking tube. Here’s his number. Now, you write him something.”

Again this stupid sting in my guts. Blood in my cheeks. I bite my tongue not to smile like an idiot. And to punish myself for my reaction.

I pick up my phone once more:

“She gave me your number and forced me to write you. So… do you wanna meet up someday?”

I send it.


And hour goes by.

No answer. No excitement anymore.

“He’s not interested.”, I tell her. I’m angry, but don’t really know why. Maybe not even because I got my hopes up, but rather because he didn’t even answer… I mean, nothing. Not even “no thanks”…

“Maybe he’s busy.”, she tries to smooth me.

In today’s world, who’s so busy not to answer a freaking text message?!

“Yeah, what ever.”, I reply.

The phone vibrates. Almost two hours went by.

“Sorry for answering so late. I was at work and didn’t hear your message come in. It would be nice to meet up someday, someday soon. Sorry for my bad English.”

A smile way out of proportion sneaks onto my face.

I take my phone and start typing once more…


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